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Don Enos,Climbing4Spinal Bifida
Me and my buddies just returned from the north cascades climbing.
It was one of the best weeks climbing I have ever had. The weather was mostly fantastic and there where no injuries, not even minor injuries thanks to your booties. I have to say that of all the gear I had this week I am especially thankful for the ezeefit booties and no blisters.
This is the third trip I have taken with the booties and without a doubt I love them and will continue to wear them on all my mountaineering adventures.

Jessica Wright
I was just recommending the ezeefit booties to another one of my speedskater friends when I saw your testimonial section. You guys probably get a lot of
sales from me :) I never put my skates on without my booties - as far as I'm concerned they're a necessary part of my skating gear. Blisters for me are a thing of the past, and everyone I've recommended them to has thanked me for saving their ankles. Thank you from all of us skaters in Florida!

I bought my ankle booties last weekend at the 24h-race at Le Mans and wore them from night time on until the end of the race on Sunday afternoon. It was a relief for my ankles - NO BLISTERS!!! After my training on Monday which lasted about 2 hours of intense technical and sprint session I also had no problems with my ankles. GREAT! Previously I put mounds of athletic tape around my ankles and even during races or training sessions I felt blisters already. Using the booties know I got back the fascination of speed skating
Best regards from Frankfurt /Main – Germany

Jeff Terwilliger TEAM ALOE UP, Mn.
(1st place & 3rd place are wearing eZeefit booties!)
"I've skated barefoot in custom boots for over 10 years. The grip and feel of bare skin on the inside leather feels incredibly solid. The problem is the blistering and gouging around the ankle from the top of the boot. The ultra-thin Ezeefit booties are the best solution yet! Enough exposed skin for tight fit and protection around the ankle. Super comfortable too".



Jeannie and Terry, Duluth, MN
Terry suggested we let you know how happy we are with the EZ FIT (Full Foot) socks. We are wearing them everyday xc skiing and even in zub zero weather (I know you can't relate) they have kept our feet warm. I have yet to wear my ski boot covers.

Carol. San Diego
We just got back from the Grand Canyon. It was great!! I even gave a set of Ez's to one of the guides that said his feet always got eaten up from getting into the water and then hiking through the sand. He was in LOVE with your booties. We got a shot of him too.

Hello, Maybe you like to have some feedbakc for your ankle booties from Germany, Europe. I bought your booties in the 2mm version and i'm using it since 2 month and appx. 250 of speed-skating. And I'm highly pleased that I bought these booties. No problems any morre, no bloody parts of the skin etc.
my opinion: *****

Naomi Grigg,
Shredded heels & ankles are a problem for freestyle skaters, as the moves involve a lot of twisting & turning of the foot in the skate. Not only have my freestyle skates not grated my the backs of my heels like a chunk of cheese since I started wearing eZeefits, but I put on my brand new speed
skates for 20 miles yesterday and my feet are fresh as a baby's

Steven Stryk, SKATER
"This is a great product! I am having to order additional pairs as my wife and kids are always using mine. Thanks for taking the pain out of my skating! Your product has put the joy back into my skating and stopped my kids from complaining about their soccer cleats and hiking boots."

Brandon Thorston, SKATER,
Just a quick note to say I love the wind/rain boot covers.  They don't make my feet overheat or sweat but they definitely keep them warm.  I just have to remember to put them on!  One day, I put the left one on, put my left skate on then put my right skate on forgetting to put the cover on first.  I figured, "screw it" and skated anyway.  My left foot was fine.  My right foot was definitely cold.  Just this past Tuesday, I skated Torrey with them when it was 36 degrees and my feet were fine!"

Cathy Hunn, UT SNOWSHOEING - My snowboots are great but the heel is way too wide. As a result, I had to wear two pair of heavy socks, and tie my boots as tight as possible. But my heels still slipped and made it difficult to control to snowshoes. I purchased the ankle booties. I worried about them being too wide because I have a very narrow foot. They fit perfectly! I put them on under one pair of socks. My heels never slipped. They are comfortable. I can't feel them at all when I'm walking. Great product!!!

Shannen Kuest
Irish dancers get TERRIBLE blisters, so when I got new hard shoes I gave up on them EVER being comfortable! But with the eZeefit booties on under my socks, there are no more blisters for me!

"My son plays for multiple teams both ice hockey and roller hockey.  We first heard of ankle booties in a locker room while he was getting dressed for a roller hockey tournament a little over a year ago.  We were mentioning that my son was always getting blisters on his feet when he wore his roller blades.  Someone had mentioned they had ankle booties and that they wore them and never got blisters on their feet.  I searched the internet for ankle booties and ended up finding your website.  I ordered 2 pairs and then the rest was history.  Once my son got them in the mail the very next game he had he put them on and finally something that worked.  Something that prevented him from getting big painful blisters on his feet.  This season from April to present he played on 8 different teams between roller hockey and ice hockey.  These teams included both roller travel and house league teams and ice travel and house league teams.  He skates between 30 to 40 hours a week and since he started wearing your prduct he has yet to get blisters on his feet.  He swears by them and will NEVER put on his skates again without first putting on his EZFIT ankle booties.  He loves your product and both him and I both tell every single person we know about them. At first he only wore them for roller and now he also wears them for ice hockey."

Randy Bowman, Skater
After 2 days of racing and really torn up feet Randy decided to give ezeefit a try... His quote: " They saved my **s." Thanks!




Mathew Meyer,
"I recently purchased the ankle booties at the St Paul Marathon Expo to wear the next day. What a huge difference! Previously I put mounds of athletic tape over my ankles everytime I skated to prevent blisters. That took 15 minutes before I could even put my boots on. With the booties all I did was slip them on and that's it! They really did a wonderful job protecting my ankles too!"

Matt Goolsby, Florida
"I want to thank you for shipping me the ezeefit ankle booties. It definitely makes a difference when I play and practice soccer. It gives me much more cushion on my blisters to make the pain virtually unnoticeable without taking up room in my cleats. I have not gotten a single new blister and it has given time for my current ones to heal. I have friends that are already interested in these ankle booties and I recommend expanding it to other sports."

Brian Larsen and Gerry Kimmel of Vancouver, Canada at the North Shore Marathon expo.
"They saved my sole! I first got them to break in a new pair of custom boots, but kept wearing them because they were so comfortable. I bought six more pairs to share with my team."

Cindy Cremona, San Diego EQUESTRIAN on "Indy"
"Now I wouldn't think of riding without my booties, they fill in around my heels where my boots were too loose. They really help me keep my heels down and make walking around more comfortable too. "

Bill Baird, SKATER
I just wanted to say thanks for suggesting the EZ Fit for my blistering problem while you were in Colorado. I have about a hundred or so miles in them and so far no blisters and I'm saving money by not buying band aids.

Allain Legacy, Canada
"Those Ezeefit Booties that I bought from you are the best thing since sliced bread! My feet were in horrible shape with blisters that were at various stages of healing and I never felt them at all during training or the race! Thanks for a great product!!!"

Dave Machmer, Canada
Who'da thunk that something so simple would make such a difference! I used to use athletic tape religiously, which would only reduce my chronic blistering. With the ezeefit booties blisters aren't even an issue. And all the time I save not having to tape up...Kudos!